Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Earthbow" - Coris fragment from pt.2

Coris fragment from pt.2; 4-1-2008

As Coris led the saddled horse from the barn, he took one last look around. Suppose they were out there waiting for him? He'd be riding right into a trap. Mounting, Coris decided to go through the copse rather than use the road, which would certainly be under surveillance if anything was. As he gazed in his intended direction, the knight saw a dim light filtering through the trees. He rode a few paces forward, only to have the light disappear. It had seemed the light of a lamp. ...Perhaps the road would be better after all.

He paused and dismounted reluctantly. It would be better to know what lay within those trees. Coris drew his sword and crept amoungst the horses toward the spot where he'd last seen the light. He was already on the edge of the first line of trees, when the shadowy shape of a low building resolved itself from its attendant shadows. Was that the spot from which the light had come and were all those mysterious people within?

Coris stole forward until he could see a narrow band of light emanating from under a door. When he was close enough to touch its panels, he stopped. Listening intently, Coris could hear voices within, many voices in hot debate. He strained for the words without success.

The young knight had just decided that he might as well leave while he had the chance, when he tensed instinctively. Someone was behind him! On the point of whirling around, Coris felt cold steel against his back. Trapped!

"Drop your sword, Coris. ...And open the door."

With now other choice, he did as the gruff voice bade him.

Dozens of people were within, most of them armed with crude weapons. Everyone rose and turned toward him, each with the same expression on his or her face. The same words burst from every throat,

"April Fool!"

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Nothing like some unexpected humor to turn the tale in a new direction. :-)